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Welcome to Fraser Direct's Retail Portal
Here you can: Place orders online, open an account, see past orders and confirm product availability.

  • If you already know the Product Code of the items you want to order, you can go directly to Place An Order
  • If you'd like to look for some products, you can start at Find Products
  • If you'd like to see past orders and shipments, you can do so at My Accounts
  • If you need a User Name and Password, or would like to open a New Account with one of our clients, please call 905-877-4411 


  1. When adding products to an order, you enter quantities on the order page, just before you place the order.
  2. You can narrow down your searchs by
    • Choosing a Specific Client and Product Line
    • Keyword search on the product title and description
    • Entering full or partial product codes
  3. Your order will be split for you automatically if you order from multiple clients
  4. To complete and submit your order, you must finish by selecting 'Confirm and Place Order'
  5. All navigational links can be found in the top right corner